PANDORA Spiritual Symbols Ring (197187) $50 USD

PANDORA Spiritual Symbols Ring (197187) $50 USD

A silver feather, anchor and conch shell dangle from a smooth heart at the centre of the ring. The shell also has a tiny heart stamp.


197188nck pandora vibrant spirit blk crystal ring

PANDORA Vibrant Spirit, Black Ring (197188nck) $60 USD

This simple ring with its square black crystal stone is reminiscent of older PANDORA rings. I really like the beaded detail around the ring and the little heart detail at the side.


PANDORA Vibrant Spirit, Scuba Blue Ring (197188nsc) $60 USD

The Vibrant Spirit Ring is also available in this gorgeous ‘scuba’ blue crystal! I have always love turquoise and silver together and this ring is a perfect example of how good they look together. The style, stone and colour combination make me think that it could be a vintage ring that you discovered in a hidden back street antique.

PANDORA Spirited Heart (197191CZ) $35 USD

PANDORA Spirited Heart Ring (197191CZ) $35 USD

I love the design of this ring and with its chain like band it reminds me of a friendship ring. The little heart in the middle is set with a clear cubic zirconia stone.

PANDORA Spirited Heart (197191NYA) $35 USD

PANDORA Spirited Heart Ring (197191NYA) $35 USD

The Spirited Heart ring is available in three different colours; clear, pink and blue. The blue crystal version is my favourite!

PANDORA Spirited Heart (197191PCZ) $35 USD

PANDORA Spirited Heart Ring (197191PCZ) $35 USD

I am sure that the pink version of the Spirited Heart ring will be popular with younger PANDORA fans.





PANDORA Shine Open Heart Cuff (267214) $30

PANDORA Shine Open Heart Cuff (267214) $30 USD

Sometimes I wonder if I have accidentally gone back in time. Last year we had PANDORA’s equivalent to friendship bracelets, this year choker necklaces made a come back and now we have ear cuffs again! Am I 15 again?

PANDORA Open Heart Cuff (297214) $20 USD

The new Open Heart ear cuff is also available in silver.

PANDORA Rose Open Heart Cuff (287214) $25 USD

PANDORA have also produced a PANDORA Rose version of the Open Heart Cuff.

pandora rose vintage fans 278297cz

PANDORA Rose Vintage Fans Stud Earrings (278297cz) $50 USD

The PANDORA Vintage Fan Earring have a art deco feel to them both in colour and style. At the centre of the earring is a clear cubic zirconia heart.

PANDORA Vintage Heart Fans Stud Earrings (297298CZ) $40 USD

PANDORA Vintage Heart Fans Stud Earrings (297298CZ) $40 USD

The silver version of the Vintage Heart Fans are a heart shape rather than a circle. I like to wear two studs on one ear and I think both versions would look really lovely next to each other.

PANDORA Spiritual Feathers Earrings (297205EN168) $55 USD

PANDORA Spiritual Feathers Earrings (297205EN168) $55 USD

These pretty hoop earrings are perfect for the boho trend this Summer. The silver hoops are decorated with delicate beading and a silver feather and turquoise enamel shape that hang below.


PANDORA Black Leather Choker (397197CBK-38) $55 USD

PANDORA Black Leather Choker (397197CBK-38) $55 USD

PANDORA fans went a bit crazy over the PANDORA Woven Fabric Choker last year and I am interested to see what the response will be to these new Leather Chokers. The Black Leather Choker has a sliding clasp with a clear cubic zirconia stone on the end and is 38 cm.

PANDORA Golden Tan Leather Choker (397197CGK-38) $55 USD

PANDORA Golden Tan Leather Choker (397197CGK-38) $55 USD

The Golden Tan version of the Leather Choker has a pink cubic zirconia stone at the end of the sliding silver clasp.

PANDORA Beaded Silver Necklace (397210-70) $75 USD

PANDORA Beaded Silver Necklace (397210-70) $75 USD

This delicate 70cm necklace is interspersed with little silver beads. The overall effect is very pretty!



PANDORA Sparkling Strand Bracelet, Multi-Coloured (590524PCZMX) $50 USD

PANDORA Sparkling Strand Bracelet, Multi-Coloured (590524PCZMX) $50 USD

The Sparkling Strand Bracelet is also now available in multi-coloured cubic zirconia.


PANDORA Black Leather Sliding Bracelet (597225CBK-2) $55 USD

PANDORA Black Sliding Leather Bracelet (597225CBK-2) $55 USD

I really love this new Sliding Leather Bracelet which is a combination of the new Sliding Bracelet with the a leather bracelet. I also think this would be a great option for any male PANDORA fans! #mandora

PANDORA tan Leather Sliding Bracelet (597225Cgt-2) $55 USD

PANDORA Golden Tan Sliding Leather Bracelet (597225CGT-2) $55 USD

There is also a Golden Tan version of the new PANDORA Sliding Leather Bracelet.




PANDORA Rose Fan of Love Pendant (387286CZ) $60 USD

PANDORA Rose Fan of Love Pendant Charm (387286CZ) $60 USD

The PANDORA Rose Fan of Love Pendant features two arcs of clear cubic zirconia stones set over the textured lines.


PANDORA Fan of Love (397286CZ) $45 USD

PANDORA Fan of Love Pendant Charm (397286CZ) $45 USD

The Fan of Love Pendant is a delicate charm with a pretty vintage feel. It would look really elegant worn alone on a necklace.

PANDORA Amulet Pendant (397203EN07) $50 USD

PANDORA Amulet Pendant, Red Pendant Charm (397203EN07) $50 USD

The Summer hippy vibes continue with two new Amulet Pendant Charms. The little beaded detail is actually formed with red enamel although it resembles little stones. Once again in the recent style there is a little heart stamp on the top of the Amulet.

PANDORA Amulet Pendant, Turquoise Pendant Charm (397203EN168) $50 USD

The turquoise version of the Amulet Pendant features turquoise enamel beading.

PANDORA Spiritual Feather Pendant (397216) $25 USD

PANDORA Spiritual Feather Pendant Charm (397216) $25 USD

This pretty Spiritual Feather would look charming on the new PANDORA Leather Bracelets with a tassel or two!

PANDORA Shine Fan of Love Charm (767288CZ) $75 USDPANDORA Shine Fan of Love Charm (767288CZ) $75 USD

I love the combination of the gorgeous colour of the PANDORA Shine 18k gold plating with the vintage style of the Fan of Love Charm.

PANDORA Fan of Love Charm (797288CZ) $55 USD

PANDORA Fan of Love Charm (797288CZ) $55 USD

I have definitely caught the PANDORA Shine buzz as the silver version of the Fan of Love Charm just doesn’t grab me.

PANDORA Radiant Hearts Charm (791725CZMX) $80 USD

PANDORA Radiant Hearts Charm (791725CZMX) $80 USD

The pretty rainbows from the Spring collection are slipping into the Summer collection too! Here we have a multicoloured version of the Radiant Hearts Charm with a clear cubic zirconia stone at its centre.PANDORA Shape of Love, Blue (796563NSC) $55 USD

PANDORA Shape of Love, Blue Charm (796563NSC) $55 USD

Remember back in January when I predicted that there would be more colour versions of the Shape of Love charm? I was right! I love the vibrancy of the blue crystal version.PANDORA Shape of Love, Orange (796563OCZ) $55 USD

PANDORA Shape of Love, Orange Charm (796563OCZ) $55 USD

Although I prefer the blue version, the Orange Shape of Love charm would look really fun paired with the vivid turquoise colour.

PANDORA Mosaic Mother of Pearl Rainbow Charm (797193MPR) $65 USD

PANDORA Mosaic Mother of Pearl Rainbow Charm (797193MPR) $65 USD

I really liked the mosaic PANDORA Essence Compassion charm but I love this mosaic Moments design even more! It is fresh and summery but not over powering. It’s a definite for my Summer 2018 wish list.

PANDORA Stay Cool Charm (797184CZ) $45PANDORA Stay Cool Charm Charm (797184CZ) $45

I really hoped that the emoji charms had died but I am afraid one snuck into the Summer 2018 collection! The Stay Cool Charm has black and purple enamel and cubic zirconia accents.

PANDORA Drink To Go Charm (797185EN160) $45 USD

The quirky Drink To Go Charm is a must have for coffee lovers! The take out cup features the PANDORA crown logo in a pink enamel heart. I love that PANDORA is exploring new charm themes and style and look forward to see what is released in future collections.

PANDORA Delicious Popcorn Charm (797213EN160) $55 USD

PANDORA Delicious Popcorn Charm (797213EN160) $55 USD

Although this is quite a fun idea, the delicious popcorn looks a bit too much like soapy bubbles to me! The popcorn carton features pink and black enamel.

PANDORA Love (797189NRPMX) $60 USD

PANDORA Love Charm (797189NRPMX) $60 USD

In keeping with the 60s bohemian and hippy fashion trends we have a fun charm which is based on the LOVE pop art sculpture by American artist Robert Indiana. There is a love heart in place of the letter ‘o’ and multicoloured cubic zirconia stones and crystals highlight the design. This charm is so much fun it has made it onto my wish list!

PANDORA Playing Cards (797195EN09) $45 USD

PANDORA Playing Cards Charm (797195EN09) $45 USD

The Playing Cards charm features red enamel details on a flying pack of cards. PANDORA Compass Rose (797196EN23) $50 USD

PANDORA Compass Rose Pendant Charm (797196EN23) $50 USD

The unusual Compass Rose charm has a pretty shimmering silver enamel disc and an ornate compass design with a bright blue crystal at the centre. The bale of the charm features the tiny little heart stamp that is appearing more and more on PANDORA charms. The Compass Rose charm would look cool on one of the new PANDORA Leather Bracelet and it would make an amazing gift for someone about to go off on an epic journey.

PANDORA New York Hightlights Pendant Charm (797198ENMX) $50 USD

PANDORA New York Hightlights Pendant Charm (797198ENMX) $50 USD

Continuing the travel theme, PANDORA has produced a selection of new city highlights charms. I imagine more cities will be released in the future. The New York Highlights Pendant includes an apple, the Statue of Liberty and a yellow taxi cab.

PANDORA San Francisco Hightlights Pendant Charm (797218EN09) $50 USD

PANDORA San Francisco Hightlights Pendant Charm (797218EN09) $50 USD

The San Francisco Highlights Charm includes a little tag with the name San Francisco, a mini Golden Gate Bridge and a little red enamel trolley (thank you for the help I received to identify that!).


PANDORA Love Puerto Rico Pendant Charm (USB791169-G041) $50 USD

I had no idea what this was a first, but my readers have helpfully pointed out that it is the common Coquí frog which is the National animal for Puerto Rico. The enamel detail is in blue, red and white which are the Puerto Rican Flag colours.

PANDORA Colour Wheel Charm (797199NLCMX) $55 USD

PANDORA Colour Wheel Charm (797199NLCMX) $55 USD

It seems that the PANDORA designers have enjoyed creating some interesting charms for the Summer 2018 collection. The Colour Wheel Charm is really fun and would look cute on a Disney themed bracelet. Each of the carts on the wheel has a different colour crystal or cubic zirconia stone and ‘PANDORA’ encircles the centre of the charm.PANDORA Spiritual Dreamcatcher (797200) $50 USD

PANDORA Spiritual Dreamcatcher (797200) $50 USD

The Spiritual Dreamcatcher would look charming on the new PANDORA Sliding Leather Bracelets. A floral circular design features a little heart at the centre and three delicate silver feathers hang beneath.PANDORA Anchor of Love Pendant Charm (797208ENMX) $50 USD

PANDORA Anchor of Love Pendant Charm (797208ENMX) $50 USD

The pretty charm with its nautical feel has a disc with the message ‘Anchor yourself to someone special’ and a mini anchor with two red enamel hearts.

PANDORA Be Free Pendant Charm (797206ZC) $50 USDPANDORA Be Free Pendant Charm (797206ZC) $50 USD

This cute little skateboard charm has a texturised board with clear cubic zirconia stones set around the edge. The bale is the new style which is slightly oblong and includes a mini heart stamp.

PANDORA Burger & Fries Pendant Charm (797211ENMX) $45 USD

PANDORA Burger & Fries Pendant Charm (797211ENMX) $45 USD

I’m not a big fast food fan and the Burger & Fries Pendant Charm looks a little cheap to me but it may appeal to some.

PANDORA Symbol of Peace Charm (797215) $35 USD

PANDORA Symbol of Peace Charm (797215) $35 USD

Following on from the pop art style Love Charm we have a Peace Charm with a 3D hand peace sign. The beaded edges of the charm provide a interesting texture.PANDORA Pavé Open My Heart Clip, Multicoloured (797221NRPMX) $75 USD

PANDORA Pavé Open My Heart Clip, Multicoloured (797221NRPMX) $75 USD

The rainbow coloured Open My Heart Clip would look cute paired with the new Love Charm.

PANDORA Arcs of Love Clip, Blue Crystal (797227NYA) $45 USD

PANDORA Arcs of Love Clip, Blue Crystal (797227NYA) $45 USD

The Arcs of Love Clips all include a silicone grip on the inside, making them ideal for use on the Smooth Bracelet or Leather Bracelets. I quite like this new Blue Crystal version and would like to see it in real life to get a better idea of the colour.

PANDORA Tassel Charm in Black (797212CBK), Bright Pink (797212CBP), Orange (797212COE) and Turquoise (797212CTQ) $35 USD

PANDORA Tassel Charm in Black (797212CBK), Bright Pink (797212CBP), Orange (797212COE) and Turquoise (797212CTQ) $35 USD

Tassels are THE Accessory for 2018 and PANDORA have got it 100% right with these bright fun Tassel Charms! If in doubt, add a tassel!

枸杞霜真的好用嗎? 大測試!


枸杞霜承諾了什麼供功效? 經常使用枸杞霜(點擊這裡訪問網站)男性和女性都可以恢復自己的年輕的面容。越來越多的人都在問:什麼是枸杞霜? 枸杞霜是從枸杞漿過提煉製造的。這種小漿果含有20種對皮膚很重要的氨基酸,維生素C含量是橙子的20倍。所以枸杞霜可以延緩皮膚老化的過程,使皮膚保持年輕。


枸杞霜管用簡單回答:管用,它是這麼起作用的! 自從枸杞霜在我國出現以來,經常使用它的女性和男性都被它的效果折服,面部皮膚緊緻年輕了。使用枸杞霜護理面部皮膚的人,看上去至少年輕十歲,都不用再做美容手術或註射肉毒桿菌了。枸杞霜的有效性已被研究反复證明。2016年,這種能讓人回春的營養霜被公認為唯一有效的回春針替代品。









這是一款嚴肅的產品還是騙錢的? 這是一款特別有效、且非常嚴肅的產品。但是,因正宗枸杞霜特別有效,所以難免被人複製, 因此請只在本製造商網站訂購枸杞眼霜。 在本網站訂購還有一個好處,可隨時享受所提供的特價。


枸杞霜成分面霜使用了創新的納米抗老化配方,除枸杞的成份(Lycium Barbarum)之外,還含其它有礦物質和維生素。從漿果提取的成分給細胞提供能量,減緩皮膚的衰老過程。面霜中還含有豐富的鐵、維生素E、甜菜鹼和B族維生素。此外,這種回春面霜中還富含尿囊素、霍霍巴油和葡萄籽油。除上面的成分外,枸杞霜還含有香茅醇、香葉醇、芳樟醇、羥基、甲基異、苯氧乙醇、檸檬酸、氫化霍霍巴油、棕櫚酸異丙酯、十六烷基磷酸鉀、棕櫚酸酯甘油(硬脂酸)、甘油、癸酸甘油三酯(辛酸)、醇、鯨蠟硬脂和水。在購買麵霜前,從安全方面考慮,買方應就是否對上述成分過敏進行諮詢。





  • 肌膚瞬間感覺光滑柔軟
  • 看上去能年輕10歲
  • 不含任何香料
  • 能迅速滲入皮膚
  • 比其他產品能給皮膚提供更多水分
  • 防止形成黑眼圈
  • 未發現任何副作用
  • 也可以作底妝使用
  • 少量即可
  • 97%受試人員確認,已有的皺紋撫平了




  • 請務必到製造商網站訂購正宗產品
  • 使用前務將化妝洗淨
  • 非常推薦也用於護手




Found: The Perfect Work-Life Bags For Women

Luciana Baigún, a 32-year-old tech executive, spends her days jetting between her company’s offices in San Francisco and New York, with interludes working remotely from coffee shops in Buenos Aires, India, and London. On any given day, she’s rushing from her casual office to a formal client meeting to yoga class and to cocktails with friends—always with her laptop in tow. For years now, she’s been on a quest to find a handbag that allows her to go seamlessly from one event to another, but so far, the perfect bag has eluded her. “I usually have a nice work bag on one arm and an overstuffed canvas bag in the other,” she says. “It’s a bit of a hassle, to be honest.”

Baigún, like many professional women in the U.S., is disappointed by the handbag market. Many brands that were once trendy among working women—Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach, among others—have seen plummeting sales over the last few years. They are now most popular with aspirational teens who pick them up at outlet malls. According to Barclays, the premium handbag category was down 3{846f920b50eb75a89d1fc00dfc7d566988815e860dd77f8f6f939b227c66351c} in 2015, on top of an 11{846f920b50eb75a89d1fc00dfc7d566988815e860dd77f8f6f939b227c66351c} dip in 2013, and a 16{846f920b50eb75a89d1fc00dfc7d566988815e860dd77f8f6f939b227c66351c} drop in 2012.

Industry analysts have speculated that designer brands have lost their cachet since they are now so ubiquitous. But perhaps there’s an alternative explanation for their decline: These bags are no longer serving women well.

In reporting this article, I spoke to three dozen women about the bags they were using for work. The majority, like Baigún, carry multiple bags to the office, creating a hodgepodge system to carry their workout gear, tech devices, a packed lunch, and makeup. Many have abandoned any effort to look elegant on their commute. They often turn to men’s bag brands for utility, carrying sturdy backpacks or laptop messenger bags, and have a separate, prettier bag for smaller items.


The good news is that several startups have noticed this gap and are reimagining the women’s work bag. Many of these bags are under $400.

Brands like Knomo, for instance, think carefully about the technology that women are carrying to work, creating special padded compartments for devices and pockets for cords. Caraa designs bags with special breathable sections for sportswear and shoes, but that don’t look like gym bags, so they look good with a professional outfit. Lo & Sons has built a whole suite of thoughtfully designed lightweight bags that are perfect for travel, but that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about bringing to the office upon your arrival. Mezzi leather bags are both beautiful and full of useful tools, like built-in chargers and little lights to inform you that your phone is ringing. But these technologies are subtle and fade into the background, so what stands out is the bag’s clean lines and luxurious materials.

These little touches may seem small at first, but they often have a big impact, allowing the bag to do more and to be used in more contexts.



In popular bag design today, there is a rigid dichotomy between fashion and function. “When we were doing research, we found that a lot of fashion designers focus on aesthetics, but are not really thinking about a modern woman’s lifestyle,” says Jan Lo, who cofounded luxury-bag startup Lo & Sons in 2011. “Fashion designers tended to treat women as objects on which to drape their creations, but these women are on the go. They want to look good, but they are also professionals with jobs to do.”

For women who travel a lot for work, finding a practical but attractive bag is a big challenge. Lo was inspired by his mother who had been on the hunt for lightweight, elegant travel bags that allowed her to carry her things around without hurting her back. She was frustrated by what was out there: luggage companies, like Samsonite or American Tourister, were great at distributing weight ergonomically and providing padding for tech devices, but their designs weren’t particularly feminine, says Lo. “We saw this as the biggest gap in the market.”

Lo set out to create a suite of travel-friendly bags for professional women. The Seville is perhaps the most elegant and versatile of the lot. It’s a tote bag for laptops that comes in either the 13-inch ($398) or 15-inch size ($428). It consists of a leather shell—you can pick from saffiano or vachetta leather—and a nylon interior with plenty of pockets for a tablet, pens, and other items. The key innovation of the bag is that you can easily swap the leather shell for a nylon one, transforming the bag into a lightweight travel bag that can be attached to your suitcase for easy wheeling. The swapping process takes under a minute and it was well worth it, I found, because it made traveling so much more convenient. And when I arrived at my destination, I could swap back the leather so that I had an elegant bag to bring to the office.

They also sell separate leather shells, so that women can change colors each season without having to buy a whole new bag.

Lo & Sons has other similarly well-designed bags for travel. The leather Claremont ($300) must be one of the most feminine and elegant DSLR camera bags on the market, while the Pearl ($248) is a leather cross-body bag that has enough space for an iPad. Their lightweight overnight bags, such as the nylon O.G. ($295) are a more stylish alternative to those sold by traditional luggage companies and have smart touches, such as special shoe compartments, a panel that goes over suitcase handles, and padded laptop sleeves.

Caraa’s Studio 1 in GoldPHOTO: COURTESY OF CARAA


Before launching Caraa last year, Council of Fashion Designers of America award-winning designer Carmen Chen Wu and finance veteran Aaron Luo commissioned research about women’s lifestyles. After studying 500 women across the country, they discovered that most go through six activities every day, from work to kids’ playdates to meals, and perhaps most importantly, a sports activity. When asked about their daily priorities, a proportion said that exercise is a daily necessity, something that they absolutely would not forgo.

Dozens of athleisure brands have popped up in the last five years, creating yoga pants and tank tops that can seamlessly go from professional settings to sports, but Wu and Luo discovered that the bag category was an afterthought. In their market analysis, they found that only 5.2{846f920b50eb75a89d1fc00dfc7d566988815e860dd77f8f6f939b227c66351c} of fashion and activewear brands had bag offerings. This was consistent with my conversations with women, who said they often brought sneakers to work with them, using either a traditional gym duffle bag or a canvas tote. A couple would awkwardly stuff their shoes into an oversize work tote.

Enter Caraa sport. Its Studio bag ($395), which I tested, is a trendy nylon bag with leather trim and gold or silver accents that has special breathable compartments for sports shoes and clothes. It also has another roomy section designed for work items, including a small laptop or tablet, while another small section can fit valuables. One of the most interesting aspects of the bag is that it can easily be configured in three ways, as a satchel, a messenger bag, or a backpack. I found that I switched styles during the day, using the backpack mode when biking or wearing gym clothes, then switching to the regular handbag mode at the office.



With its motto, “Fewer, Better Things,” Cuyana creates bags are that are so durable and versatile that you only need one in your closet. “The philosophy we have is that our customer is a busy woman,” says Cuyana cofounder Karla Gallardo. “They don’t have time to go home to change for their next event. We want to design products that make a woman feel sophisticated, elegant, and put together, but that she can wear over the years.”

I tested their bucket bag ($375), which is made in Italy out of saffianoleather that is durable and scratch-resistant, with subtle gold details. It comes with many useful pockets on the inside and a pocket with a magnetic closure on the exterior, which allows you to easily access your phone or keys. It is large and structured, making it perfect for work or travel. It can easily hold everything you would need for the workday, including a 13-inch laptop. (Cuyana sells matching leather protective sleeves for this purpose.) But its clean, minimalistic design means that it can be used in more casual contexts, like going out for dinner or hanging out over the weekend. I found myself using it all the time, from going to meetings to playing with my daughter in the park on Saturday.

Cuyana’s travel bag

For travel, I tested the Le Sud Overnight bag ($215), which is made in Turkey from canvas and vachettaleather, and comes with pretty touches like a leather tassel, giving it a feminine flair you don’t often see in luggage. Again, this bag aims to be the only one you will need on the road. The canvas is soft but can hold a heavy load, including a computer, tablet, and charger. But it is designed so that you can use it on vacation or as a beach bag, allowing you to consolidate your bags. None of this flexibility was an accident. “For a woman to love a product, it needs to be versatile: She needs to use it,” cofounder Shilpa Shah explains.



In San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, there is a little bag factory that has been making high-quality computer bags for 18 years. While not exactly a startup anymore, we felt that Waterfield Designs stood out for its thoughtful approach to creating tech bags. Each bag is made to order in small batches using top-grade materials including full-grain leather and waxed canvas. Ameyl Oliveros, the brand’s creative director and chief designer, says that manufacturing onsite means that he can go through an iterative design process. “I often create a prototype of a bag, then ask several people to use it, then continually make tweaks,” he says. “I can easily go to the factory floor and ask someone to add a pocket here or make it smaller or bigger.”

All of these bags are gender neutral and deliberately classic. I tested the Cozmo 2, which has a simple, structured shape made of distressed brown leather that I found looked good in both formal and casual office environments. It comes in two sizes for either a 13-inch ($369) or a 15-inch ($389) laptop and has a padded strap so it can be worn like a messenger bag, but it also looks nice carried with its top handles like a satchel. It is full of useful little details, like a special slot for carrying it over luggage, a key tether, and a yellow interior so it’s easy to find items inside. For women who want American-made craftsmanship, this is a beautiful work bag that will last forever. “We have people who come to our factory to have a zipper replaced after 18 years,” says Oliveros. “I think the leather looks even more beautiful as it ages.”

Knomo’s Elektronista in CaramelPHOTO: COURTESY OF KNOMO


Women who are looking for bags that protect their devices do not have many options. As Eva Rawson, the women’s products design director at British brand Knomo points out, many brands producing laptop bags still base their designs on the original cases that computer companies sold together with laptops. They tended to be rectangular, made of inexpensive nylon, and constructed in masculine silhouettes, like briefcases or messenger bags. It has taken a long time for designers to go back to the drawing board when creating tech bags for women.

Knomo, which was founded in 2004, creates bags that adapt to modern technology and aesthetics. Each of their bags comes with a padded compartment that is tailored to a specific device, from an iPad to a 13-inch laptop to an iPhone. But beyond thinking about technology, the brand is obsessive about helping people get organized, with plenty of thoughtfully placed pockets and compartments for cables and chargers. Most of their bags come in both a nylon version and a leather version, to accommodate many budgets. “This is a really interesting company, since we are constantly thinking about how we can innovate about how people carry technology,” designer Eva Rawson tells me. “They don’t even have to look like a traditional work bag anymore. We can get very creative with structure.”

Knomo’s Beaux Bag in Black

When it comes to women’s bags in particular, Knomo has thought way outside the box. They do have traditional briefcase bags, like the Audley ($350), which are popular among women with stricter dress codes, like those in law or consulting. But many women work in casual offices; they want bags that are both useful, ergonomic, and trendy. One of their most popular bags is the Beaux($350), a slim leather backpack that includes a padded laptop compartment, with space for many other items. The bag is perfect for biking to work and running around town, but unlike many other backpacks on the market, it manages to look elegant and grown up.

One of the best bags that I tested is called the Elektronista ($295). It’s a leather clutch bag with a detachable cross-body strap that comes with a special compartment for your iPad and iPhone, an in-built charger, a detachable coin pouch, and slots for credit cards. “A lot of women don’t carry a laptop if they don’t have to,” says Rawson. “A tablet serves very well for meetings. We’ve found that our smaller-sized bags are quite popular.” The clutch manages to pack in all the essentials without being too heavy. I found myself using the bag in a wide range of scenarios. I would wear it with the strap as a handbag as I traveled to work, then used it as an elegant clutch for cocktails, and the slim charger was invaluable during a long conference. While the bag was packed with cords and tech devices, it just looked like I was carrying a small, fun, trendy clutch.

Mezzi’s Nerina in SmokePHOTO: COURTESY OF MEZZI


The Canadian brand Mezzi launched last year with the goal of creating the most fashion-forward and technologically advanced bags on the market. They debuted with a suite of trendy handbags made of high-quality leather that include many nifty tech tools, like subtle buttons that light up when your phone is ringing, built-in chargers, in-bag lights, a GPS locator to help find your bag if you lose it, and even bluetooth-connected speakers, which women seem to particularly enjoy when they want to listen to their own music at a hotel.

What sets these bags apart from others on this list is that they appeal to women who care just as much about style as they do about technology. This summer, for instance, the brand released a capsule collection of clutch bags and mini-satchels in pastel shades. Mezzi also designs several bags specifically for work. I tested the Nerina($595), which is a luxurious tote bag that comes in nappa and adria leather with a suede interior, with side zippers that allow you to expand the bag for even more space. It’s large enough for a 15-inch laptop, with a phone pocket and plenty of room for shoes, a sweater, and folders. While it is very roomy, its structured shape and luxurious materials means that it looks good with workwear.

Mezzi’s Vedova

I also tried the Vedova ($525) which comes in this season’s trendy bucket silhouette and is also made from top grain leathers. (It is currently sold out, but will come back in stock shortly.) It is slightly smaller than the Nerina, but was still able to hold everything I needed for a marathon workday, including a tablet. Both bags are sturdy and bear a lot of weight, but somehow still manage to look feminine and delicate. They each have a smartphone sleeve thoughtfully placed close to the bag’s opening for easy access, and importantly, they have built-in chargers that allowed me to recharge my phone three times, which I found particularly useful after a long day at work, when my phone tends to die on my commute or at dinner. “We try to make the technology seamless and invisible, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a tech bag,” Keir Reynolds, Mezzi’s CEO, explains.

Is there a bag you love that I left off the list? Message me on Twitter @LizSegran and tell me all about it.

What’s Your Story? Choosing Message Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry you wear says something about your style. But some pieces carry a stronger message, and even tell a story.

The jewelry you wear always says something about you: your style, your relationship status (think engagement ring), perhaps your mood. But some pieces are more pronounced in the message they carry. Some go as far as to tell an entire story.

When choosing message jewelry, one of the biggest things to consider is who you want to see it and how much you want them to infer.

  • Do you want a continuous, personal reminder (as with a motivational saying) for yourself? You’re much more likely to see a ring or bracelet than a pendant necklace that’s out of your field of vision.
  • Do you want to proudly display your message to the world? Just about any piece that’s big enough — and not hidden under a collar or sleeve — will be seen. But even then, you can choose a message that’s clear, subtle or obscure.

Keep in mind the categories aren’t mutually exclusive. A bracelet with a

charm chosen by each grandchild is as wonderful a grandmother piece as a necklace holding the birthstone of each child.

Affirmation jewelry

Affirmation jewelry, or jewelry with motivational words or sayings such as “believe,” “live” or “love” engraved on it, is the epitome of message jewelry. In a sense, the primary purpose of such a piece is to deliver and affirm the message it carries. The other beauty of affirmation jewelry is that it comes in a huge variety of styles and price points, from an engraved gold pendant to a leather cuff bracelet with engraved copper plates to a sterling silver ring showcasing a single word.

One thing to consider with affirmation jewelry: necklaces show your message to the world but aren’t easily seen by you. If your idea is to have a steady inspirational reminder, consider a simple ring or slim bracelet with a single word engraved on the band. You’ll see it every time you look toward your hand.

Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are inherently unique. They often go beyond a simple message to tell a story. A charm representing each child or grandchild is a wonderful mother or grandmother piece. A bracelet with a charm from each country visited is a fantastic memory for an intrepid traveler. Hobbyists may enjoy collecting charms representing favorite pastimes. Choosing charms that have meaning to you or simply strike your fancy all add up to a bracelet that tells the unique story of you.

A traditional charm bracelet is an open-link chain onto which you add dangling charms or baubles over time. If this style doesn’t suit you, take a look at recent charm bracelet trends.

Mother’s or Grandmother’s Jewelry

Many mothers and grandmothers enjoy having a piece of fine jewelry that honors their children or grandchildren. These offspring are a source of pride, and the jewelry conveys that message.

Mother’s Jewelry can range from obvious (a small pendant charm with the name and birthstone of each child) to subtle (a tiny birthstone for each family member set in a heart or other design) to something in between, like a small picture charm chosen by each child dangling from a bracelet or necklace.

Birthstone jewelry

Birthstone jewelry falls into the subtle message category. It doesn’t tell a story, but to a keen eye it does say something about you. Birthstone jewelry in the form of stud earrings, a pendant necklace or a gemstone ring is also a great addition to any woman’s basic jewelry wardrobe.

Jewelry with religious or cultural significance

Like birthstone pieces, jewelry conveying religious or cultural significance says something about you. A small cross or Star of David hanging from your neck affirms a certain part of your identity, and sends a message of religious pride. Items like a Celtic knot pendant or a traditional Hawaiian bracelet assert cultural pride or admiration.

Ambigrams and other subtle puzzles

An ambigram is a word or symbol that has meaning when read from various directions, like right-side up or upside down. The meaning can be the same or can vary depending on which vantage point it’s read from.

These are especially fun on a ring or bracelet, as your perspective when looking at your own jewelry will differ from everyone else’s. Because they often look cryptic, ambigrams are a great way to wear jewelry that obviously sports a message — but where the message itself isn’t obvious.

Outside ambigrams, some jewelry designs like to play on words and letters, twisting them into intricate designs that may suit your style and carry subtle meaning behind the pattern.

Every piece of jewelry you wear says something about your style, but certain pieces carry a stronger message. Choosing a piece that’s meaningful to you will make it as integral a part of your jewelry wardrobe as a pair of classic stud earrings.

30 Of The Best Designer Handbag Brands Every Fashionista Should Know About

In my humble opinion, there are two things every woman should invest in: quality handbags and shoes. Clothing trends might come and go, but quality accessories are forever. The key is to only drop major cash on items that can stand the test of time. Need a little guidance? Check out our round up of the best designer handbag styles and brands that every fashionista should know about.

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Pashli

3.1 Phillip Lim’s Pashli has been a hit among many stylish gals in recent years due to its functional construction. The vertical zippers on opposing sides of the purse can be adjusted to allow for more space (aka great for the working woman on the go). It can also be worn as a tote or a cross-body.

Gotta have one? Head on over to 3.1 Phillip Lim and have your pick of the litter.

2. The Chanel 2.55

This bag needs no introduction. The 2.55 is a purse most fashion lovers (self included) have on their wish list. You can expect to see a price tag of £650 and up at second hand stores. Yup, the thirst is real.

3. Givenchy’s Antigona

Much like the Pashli, the Givenchy Antigona can be carried two ways: cross-body or tote. The structured silhouette and goat leather makes this one a must-have.

I mean, how awesome would this be thrown over the shoulder during your morning commute?

4. The Louis Vuitton x Murakami Sologne Bag

The Louis Vuitton x Murakami collaboration was insanely popular from the moment of its inception. Marc Jacobs, creative director of LV at the time, commissioned the Japanese artist to design a collection of handbags; an attempt to infuse a modern intrigue to the brand.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen tons of knockoffs of this purse over the years. That alone speaks for its iconic nature.

5. Kate Spade’s Pride and Prejudice Book Clutch

This is the clutch for the girl who loves fashion AND literature. Kate Spade’s book clutch collection instantly became a hit for street style stars and beyond.

6. Proenza Schouler’s Satchel

The Proenza Schouler satchel comes complete with a ton of compartments; all great for keeping your items organised. That alone has made this purse a major hit.

Also, a woman can never have enough oversized bags, can she? That’s a very rhetorical question BTW.

7. Alexander McQueen’s Heroine

The Heroine has been a fave among many celebs over the last year and a half as it’s the perfect balance of functional, feminine, and style.

8. Stella McCartney’s Falabella

Stella McCartney’s Falabella is widely known for its signature chain trim, which gives the bag the right dose of edge appeal.

9. Céline’s Phantom Luggage Tote

Ahh, yes. The Céline Phantom. This is perhaps the holy grail of totes. It’s large enough to hold all your essentials and doesn’t skimp on design.

I may or may not have considered starving for a few months in an attempt to get my hand on this coveted bag. But alas, my Chipotle addiction won time and time again. So no dice on the Phantom.

10. Charlotte Olympia’s Perspex Clutch

When it’s time to hit the town a huge tote won’t do. Instead, opt for cool clutches. While we love the Charlotte Olympia perspex clutch for its clear nature, the black pouch hides a multitude of lipstick sins. And as we all know, black is timeless.

11. Valentino’s Rockstud Tote

Valentino hit must-have gold when they came out with a selection of accessories that featured studs. From pumps to clutches and totes it seems every fashion girl in the know just needed one of the designer’s embellished items.

12. The Mulberry Bayswater

The Mulberry Bayswater has one of the most classic designs on this list of iconic bags. It’s also a purse that’s great for the office.

13. Longchamp’s Nylon Le Pliage

Longchamp’s nylon Le Pliage bag is loved for its simple and functional design. It’s reported to be inspired the Japanese art of origami; made from material that’s very bendable.

My goodness, I remember how badly I wanted one of these bags in high school…

14. Givenchy’s Nightingale

Givenchy’s Nightingale scores major points for its size, two way zip top, and delicious leather lining. It’s all about craftsmanship.

15. The Hermès Kelly

This is a purse well suited for the most feminine of ladies. What makes the Hermès Kelly (and Birkin) so desired is the brand’s absolute dedication to excellence in design. Each purse is hand cut and stitched; thus warranting its hefty price tag.

I’ll continue to dream of this beauty.

16. Gucci’s Monogram Canvas Bag

There are few other logos more instantly recognisable than the Gucci monogram. In fact, they feel so passionately about their signature that they took Guess to court for copyright infringement. If that doesn’t tell you how hot this purse is, then I don’t know what else to tell ya!

17. Chloé’s Paraty

Here goes another stunning purse built with functionality in mind. The Chloé Paraty is a fave among women due to its versatility and classic design.

18. YSL’s Muse

The YSL Muse has been around since 2006 and is one of the brand’s first “it” bags. The satchel unfortunately is no longer on the market, but can certainly be found at consignment stores and on eBay.

19. Coach’s Willis

The Coach Willis bag is widely revered for its classic construction and perfect size. It’s neither too big or too small.

20. Hermès Birkin

Seriously, who isn’t familiar with the Hermès Birkin? With a price tag upwards of £3,280, it’s a bag that instantly screams status.

Feel free to purchase if you’re skipping this month’s (and next month’s) mortgage.

21. Louis Vuitton Speedy

The Louis Vuitton Speedy is iconic as they come. This purse hails from arguably the best luxury brand out there. What makes this a special piece is how durable it is. You’ll get tons of bang for your buck.

22. Balenciaga Lariat

Some history: Nicolas Ghesquiere, creative director of Balenciaga at the time, once dished that the bag was almost not made. Kate Moss thought it was something he found at a flea market. HA!

Little did everyone know, it would go on to become one of the brand’s most famous bags.

23. Fendi Baguette

The Fendi Baguette is THE bread and butter of Fendi bags. It’s popularity has never fizzled; still being produced today.

24. Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

A couple of years ago when the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag hit the market, it sold out instantly. The black is obviously the most popular, and continues to sell out.

25. Christian Dior’s Lady Dior

This little cutie’s legendary status began all the way back in 1995. France’s First Lady was kind enough to gift Princess Diana the hot purse from Dior, after which Diana ordered it in every possible style. The rest is history.

26. Chanel’s Boy Bag

The Chanel Boy Bag will undoubtedly stand the test of time with its classic craftsmanship. The chain strap detail gives the purse some punch and is a fave among celebs, and fashion bloggers alike.

27. Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch

It’s hard to ever deny the genius of Alexander McQueen. The skull is the brand’s signature motif, and here it sees an iteration in one of the brand’s most famous purses.

28. Chloé Marcie

Chloé is always good for bags that every woman can find use in. The Marcie is just another example of a well designed bag that manages to display unique features while maintaining its classic appeal.

29. YSL Monogram Shoulder Bag

The YSL monogram shoulder bag is a great alternative to a clutch on a night out. It’s big enough to hold a pair of flats, your makeup, and phone without being too clunky.

Also, how cool is the detail?

30. Bottega Venetta Woven Hobo

If you’ve stumbled upon a woven purse odds are it was inspired by Bottega Venetta. The hobo style in particular is popular because it’s the perfect accessory to accompany you on a day of errands.

Long live huge purses!

Even More Iconic Designer Bags:

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Men’s Christmas Watches Gift Guide 2017

“Time is your most precious gift,” or so says every sickly sweet inspirational quote on Facebook. But turns out there may be some truth to the cheese-on-toast adage. You just need to take the phrase literally.

A well-made watch is a gift that no man will fake-smile at. After all, some sweet wrist candy is usually the closest thing a man gets to jewellery, and is often received with the same gusto as a new diamond ring or necklace (though the need to squeal is, usually, more restrained). Clock our favourites for this Christmas below.

MVMT Midnight Silver

Crowdfunding has produced far better things than a remote-control fishbowl on wheels (yes, that did actually happen). MVMT – a watch brand that smashed its Indiegogo target by a whopping 1,500 per cent – has evolved into a bona fide manufacturer, melding high-quality minimalism with a price tag you can actually afford. Case in point, the Midnight Silver timepiece.

MVMT Midnight Silver

Bell & Ross BR V1-92 Bellytanker

Franco-Swiss brand Bell & Ross doesn’t only look skywards for inspiration, but backwards, too. The BR V1-92 Bellytanker – a watch inspired by the earliest military watches of the 1940s – takes its name from the emergency drop tank fitted within the bowels of fighter planes. History repeating itself can be a very good thing.

Bell & Ross BR V1-92 Bellytanker

Ted Baker Samual Round Face Leather Watch

Is the man in your life is consistently rocking up late to social gatherings/family gatherings/just gatherings in general? Does he attempt to justify himself with excuses such as: “My watch is broken”, “I don’t have a watch”, or even “Well, actually time doesn’t exist and is merely a social construct”? Shut him up by gifting him this affordable but beautiful gold faced watch from Ted Baker. It may not stop him being a smart-arse, but at least he won’t have an excuse next time.

Ted Baker Samual Round Face Leather Watch

Tudor Heritage

Tudor may be best known for sturdy masculine watches, but it does a good statement line too. This remixed 2017 Heritage Black Bay features a dual metal bracelet (something of an enduring trend in the watch world) and a fail-safe black and gold dial to help outshine more ludicrously priced arm cannons.

Tudor Heritage

Seiko Men’s Chronograph

Seiko has its detractors amongst the old guard: it’s not Swiss enough, it’s not swish enough, and so on and so forth. Nobody can doubt the quality, though. For a stitch of Geneva price tags, the Japanese label that almost toppled the luxury watch industry boasts craftsmanship, technicality and brand recognition – three things wholly present in the Seiko Men’s Chronograph.

Seiko Men's Chronograph

Apple Watch Series 3

Everyone knows an Applehead. And, understandably, most Appleheads want – sorry, need – the third incarnation of the Apple Watch. Surprisingly enough, the tech juggernaut’s horological update also lends itself well to non-techies too, with in-built GPS, an improved display and a faster OS – meaning you don’t have to be tied to your phone when using it.

Apple Watch Series 3

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum

Montblanc’s Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum: sounds a lot like a Japanese anime, is actually a Swiss-German timepiece rich in function. The handsome dial packs a highly detailed world timer – a complex feature that charts the time in locales around the globe – with enough mechanical excellence to last a lifetime (and probably that of your offspring).

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum

Raymond Weil Toccata

Swiss watches needn’t cost the earth. Especially if you go for something like Raymond Weil’s Toccata. What this classic watch lacks in price tag it makes up for in showmanship, with resilient PVD gold plating throughout and a sizeable 39mm diameter.

Raymond Weil Toccata

Farer Beagle Automatic

Lime green may seem an unusual choice for a pilot’s watch. Then again, Farer is a brand that’s gaining a reputation for rule breaking. In addition to debuting classic watches in unconventional colourways, the British label prices its line of automatics – the kind of watches that use kinetic momentum to keep ticking – far below its competitors.

Farer Beagle Automatic

IWC Portofino Automatic

Yes, an IWC watch may cost the same as four months’ rent, and yes, it lacks the brand recognition of, say, Rolex or Cartier. But that’s a good thing. The label counts the likes of John Mayer and Channing Tatum among its fanbase, and as a result, is the ultimate choice for men who want something watch collectors pine for.

IWC Portofino Automatic

Objest Hach Copper Watch

“Swiss made” needn’t mean stuffy. Fledgling London-based label Objest gives a playful spin to Geneva tradition, cloaking respectable movements with a thoroughly modern shell. No grand complications, no gold-plated cases, and no 70-year-old businessman vibes either.

Objest Hach Copper Watch

Why Gendered Medicine Can Be Good Medicine

January of 2005, at a conference sponsored by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Lawrence Summers, then the president of Harvard, sought to address the lack of tenured female faculty in university science departments. After promising to “provoke” his audience, Summers said that a discrepancy in “intrinsic aptitude” between men and women—a biological asymmetry—might be partly to blame. At the time, I was a pre-med student at Harvard, majoring in biochemistry. Surrounded by brilliant women in my classes and in the lab, I didn’t place much weight on Summers’s remarks. But, in the debates that ensued, it occurred to me that, beyond the basics, I wasn’t actually familiar with the biological differences between women and men—and I suspected that many of my colleagues weren’t, either. Sex and gender (the former refers to biology, the latter to social attitudes and behaviors) were rarely discussed in the context of scientific research.

As I learned later, such discussions are important; in medicine, they can be a matter of life and death. Too often, though, they are neglected. Women die from cardiovascular disease at higher rates than men but have historically been underrepresented in clinical trials. Men sustain a third of osteoporosis-related hip fractures but are widely underdiagnosed and undertreated, perhaps because osteoporosis research tends to focus on women. The problem extends to pharmaceuticals, too. Of the ten drugs that were recalled in the United States between 1997 and 2000, eight were found to pose greater health risks to women than to men.

Over the years, policymakers have proposed various solutions. In 1993, the National Institutes of Health established guidelines to promote the inclusion of women as subjects in clinical research, and effective last year the agency added a requirement that preclinical research include sex as a biological variable. In 2010, the N.I.H.’s Canadian counterpart began requiring that all grant applicants indicate whether sex and gender were accounted for in their study, and if not, to provide a rationale. Meanwhile, the N.I.H., the European Commission, and other organizations have taken steps to increase the number of women pursuing scientific research. But could the two goals—improving the quality of research and increasing the diversity of researchers themselves—in fact be related?

That’s the question behind a new study in the journal Nature Human Behaviour. Led by the Stanford-trained sociologist Mathias Nielsen, a team of Danish and American researchers surveyed a million and a half papers from around the world, published between 2008 and 2015, and sorted them by authorship, paying particular attention to papers on which a woman was listed as the first author (signalling that she made major contributions to the study) or the last author (signalling that she likely designed the study). Nielsen and his collaborators also recorded the over-all proportion of women in each author group. According to their analysis, the more involved women were in the creation and execution of a study, the more that study accounted for “gender-related and sex-related factors.”

The findings address two important pieces of the sex-and-gender problem, both of which, Nielsen told me, “are important to emphasize, for different reasons.” The first is that women remain generally marginalized in medical research, accounting for just thirty-five per cent of all the authors that Nielsen’s team surveyed and a mere twenty-seven per cent of last authors. This, in turn, may have implications for the validity and applicability of the research. “Most universities or research organizations are on board to try to increase the number of women, and they think that that’s somehow going to solve all the problems,”Londa Schiebinger, one of Nielsen’s co-authors and his former mentor at Stanford, said. “But universities typically don’t understand how to fix the knowledge aspect. And I think that’s what’s so important about our study: it shows a link between the participation issue, the diversity on teams, and excellent knowledge outcomes.”

The identification of a link does not imply cause and effect, of course. But it does suggest that a more diverse author group contributes to a more successful research methodology. In an opinion piece published earlier this year in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nielsen, Schiebinger, and others refer to this as the “innovation dividend.” They cite a study from 2010 that found that a team’s ability to perform various tasks effectively—solving visual puzzles, making moral judgments—is directly related to its demographic makeup. In particular, teams with more female participants achieved “greater equality in participation,” perhaps because women “exhibit higher levels of social perceptiveness” than their male counterparts. Tellingly, this boost in “collective intelligence” was less pronounced in teams made up entirely of women. Diversity, it seems, was the key.

Another study, published in February in jama Internal Medicine, further illustrates the importance of sex and gender both as research variables and as mediators in how medical professionals think and interact with others. The study examined mortality and hospital-readmission rates for more than a million elderly Medicare beneficiaries, finding that those who had been treated by female physicians had consistently better outcomes than those treated by men. The study did not propose an explanation for this disparity, though it did note that female doctors “are more likely to practice evidence-based medicine, perform as well or better on standardized examinations, and provide more patient-centered care.” Far from assigning an “intrinsic aptitude” to anyone, the study raises useful questions about how women and men differ, and how thesedifferences affect patient care. And this, ultimately, is the main reason to study sex and gender—because, for both patients and professionals, they matter.

At a time when women are still struggling for equal pay, for freedom from sexual harassment and domestic violence, and for greater representation in business, politics, science, and medicine—in short, for the same rights that most men have long enjoyed—it may seem counterintuitive for scientists to emphasize gender- and sex-related differences. To Schiebinger, though, this is an area where good politics and good medicine meet. “Democratic societies have always kind of assumed that you need sameness in order to have equality,” she told me. “And intellectually, that’s just not the case. We should be able to have differences and still achieve political equality.”